Mini BluetoothHeadset H15

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1. Compatible   For All The Mobile Phones, Tablet PC, etc... mehr
Produktinformationen "Mini BluetoothHeadset H15"

1. Compatible


For All The Mobile Phones, Tablet PC, etc ( For Some Laptop or Notebook, It May Need A Bluetooth Adapter To Connect ) .

2.  Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth V2.0

3. Packing List

Bluetooth Headset x1, USB Charging Cable x 1, Ear Hook x 1, User Manual x 1

4. Features


1. Supports Two Mobile Phones Simultaneously Connected, Allow You To Answering Incoming Phone Calls. ( This Bluetooth Earphone Can't Use To Listen Music, If You Want For Listening Music and Answering Incoming Call, Please  Send me a message for new price.)

2. The World's Smallest Ultra Light Design Stereo Bluetooth Headset, Portable And Easy To Carry On.


3. The Shell Is Made Of International Standard Sandblasting Process And ABS Material, Feel -class, Super Texture.


4. Adopt DSP Eliminate Noise Cancellation Technology, Allowing Clearer Coice Quality.


5.  Suerior Compability, Compatible For Almost All The Mobile Phones And Tablet PC, etc.


6. Bluetooth Pairing: Please Press The Power Button For About 5 Seconds Until You See Blue-Red Light Blinking Alternately (Each Light Last For 1 Second.) In This Mode, It Is For Device Pairing.

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